Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Best Friend Toby

Katrina and I want to tell you about our best friend. His name was Toby.  He was born in South Carolina.  He almost didn’t make it.  He was the last of the litter at a flea market and if he wasn’t sold he was going to the pound.  Here is a little bit about how he enriched our life. 

South Carolina

While walking through a South Carolina flea market I spotted two puppies for sale.  OMG, they were the cutest yellow labs ever.  One, a girl, was jumpy and hyper, and was entertaining little girl and her family.  The other puppy, a boy, sat there and gave a puppy-size bark and gave me those eyes; the irresistible puppy dog eyes.  I was hooked and $75.00 later, Toby was saved from going to the pound and became Katrina and my best friend.

Toby’s first years were fun.  When we brought him home, he was lazy.  We took him out to potty/house train him and he laid on the ground outside.  Took him a bit.  When he ate, he had his food bowl between his two front paws and he lay down and ate.  He was so funny and floppy.

About 6 months after we got him, Katrina tripped over him and broke her arm.  He thought he was in trouble.  He lay by her bed for days looking all worried.  Toby followed her everywhere.  Once, Katrina went to take him for a walk around the block.  Well, Toby wasn’t having it and lay down and wouldn’t go any further.  I had to go pick him up with the car.  Silly boy.

When I left for Korea, he suffered separation anxiety.  He wouldn’t eat and sat by the front door at 1700 daily waiting for me to come home from work.  6 months later I did come home.  He was so excited.  He jumped on me and sniffed my face to make sure it was really me.  He wasn’t mad, he was happy to see me.  Unfortunately I had to go back, but I reassured him I would come back home again.


Toby enjoyed the road trip across the country.  He got to see lots of different things on the way to Washington and adapted well to the move.  He was lucky and had the whole backend of the Expedition to himself.  He saw the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, the Columbia Gorge and much more. 

Once again, I had to leave to go to Iraq.  He was really protective this time and didn’t leave my side while I packed.  When I came home from Iraq he was so excited.  He is a true and faithful friend.  After getting back, he needed a procedure done on an ear infection.  We picked him up at the clinic and while driving home we thought he passed gas……nope.  Toby passed more than gas and we were grossed out!  What a Stinker!


We didn’t know this would be his last stop.

When we would get home every day, Toby would hop around for a cookie and a pat on the head.  One time, we took him to the vet for a check-up.  He had a sense something was up.   When we got there he went flat out on the floor and wouldn’t move.  It was hilarious.  He looked like Rudolph, on the Christmas show, when he slid across the ice.  Legs flailing everwhere! He did the same thing on his trip to the doggie spa!  Silly boy!

After a while we introduced Lily.  Lily was a constant companion and those two were silly when it came to getting treats.  Toby knew the trick and Lily didn’t.  Toby would sit close by and when we would say paw to Lily, Toby would give us his paw.  I think he was trying to teach her.  He did a good job, she does it now.

These are just a few of the Toby stories.  He was a great protector and friend.  You see, Toby crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  Run across the bridge boy!  Tramp, Sandy, Rusty and Jake are waiting to show you where the treat jar is.  You will meet many new friends. 

Thanks for being the best man in our life.  Mommy and Katrina will always love you and you will live forever in our hearts.




  1. RIP Toby. Tramp, Rusty, Summer and JakE Are WaitNng For You. Till We Meet Again On High. there Is enoughTreats For all

  2. MMD, what a magnificent tribute to a magnificent friend. Toby's sweetness, and kindness showed up in your blog. I know you write side-splitting humor - and Toby's story made me chuckle - but it mostly touched my heart. You can write great funny lines, my friend. But you can write life's drama as well. It makes me want to see more of Toby's stories. A book's worth.