Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Road to the Con 2014

The road to the Con this year is taking a different turn.  I have to fly this time.  By myself even. Am I scared, hell no!  I love me some airports.  They are the best place to people watch besides the mall!  I plan on taking it all in and taking copious notes in the process!

The plan for this year’s Con started even before the end of the last one.  I stepped one foot into the hotel in Dallas and was hooked!  People knew me before I was even there.  I have Facebook to thank for that (Cough).  I post quite regularly and keep up with the latest happenings of most of the authors and readers.  I had built long lasting friendships before arriving at the Con.  Now I was actually there!

The ladies who belong to the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) are one of a kind.  First time Con attendees or Con Virgins will be welcomed with open arms into a society that is better than any I have ever belonged to before.  That was the first time I had been a vir….Oh boy, I am getting off track.  I am supposed to be talking about my “road to the Con.”  I guess that Facebook quiz was right, I have ADHD.  I get sidetracked rather quickly…squirrel!!!

Ok, back on track!  Towards the end of the last Con they said we could pre-register for Portland!  Holy crap, really?  I was on that like flies on…you know!  I registered on my smart phone!  That was the “smart” way to do it.  Now all I had to do was finish retiring, save money, wait for the hotel stuff and get a plane ticket.  That was the easy part, well kind of!

Plane tickets to fly across country aren’t cheap.  You almost need a second job to buy one.  Come hell or high water I was making it to Portland.  I set my travel websites to alert me weekly to the fares.  Finally it dropped to a manageable dollar amount and I clicked buy!  Next thing on the agenda is to pack.

Some of you may know a friend of mine who packs like 5 months early for an upcoming vacation.  I am not at all that organized.  If I did that I would forget everything.  I imagine I will be packing my suitcase right up until the time my mother comes to get me to drive me to the airport.  My motto is, if I forgot it either I don’t need it or the town I am going to has a store.  Look out!  I do need to come up with some sort of “hippie” attire for karaoke night.  I also have no clue what I am wearing awards night.  I have 15 days to figure it out!

The morning airport ride will be fun.  We will be getting up at the butt ass-crack of dawn.  My flight is the first one out of Syracuse.  My mother, more commonly known as The Kick in the Pants, says, “I am not coming into the airport.  You are a big girl now, so I am dropping you at the curb.”  Wow, I am chopped liver now.  She will be jetting off to meet the Coffee Bar Babes at Wegmans right after.

I hope to see all of you at the Con!  If you have never been, you must go, if not this year then next year.  It is an experience that you will never forget.  I may even drive to the one next year.  I love road trips.  Last year’s road trip was epically hilarious.  I have pictures to prove it!

Look out Portland, The Dutch is coming!  Watch out Washington-Dulles and Dallas-Fort Worth…..I am flying through, unsupervised!

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  1. The Dutch is coming!! And since you are going, I'll be able to keep up with everything! Maybe I'll plan to attend next year!! I'll be watching this blog and FB for all the deets!! =D Enjoy, my friend!